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Full of concentrated cleaning power, all® Stainlifter removes tough stains from your family’s clothes, and now contains In-Wash Pre-Treaters* for even better stain removal. Safe for all washing machines.

Our stainlifting formula has been effectively cleaning clothes for over 50 years.
*added enzymes for a great clean

liquid mighty pacs small & mighty powder
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avg. rating - 3 stars (64 reviews)

Why does it smell like musk now? July 16, 2014
I used to like The All Small And Mighty Original scent. It had a nice citrus like smell. Now the new formula has a musk like smell. Smells bad. Time to find a new detergent. Why mess with what works?
A, S,   St. Petersburg, FL

Yellow and smelly June 30, 2014
Product has changed. It used to be clear and no scent. Now is yellow and smells horrid. What gives guys I purchased this product religiously. If my wife purchased something else I would take it back to the store or throw it out. Please go back to what works.
J Edwards,   Woodstock, GA

love it! May 21, 2014
Absolutley love it! Definitely would buy it again.
m,   do raville ga

Al's Stainlifter Detergent May 16, 2014
I have a new HE - High Efficiency washing machine & purchased 2 boxes so All Stainlifter Detergent. I noticed that th 'HE' rating wasn't on the box. Afraid to use detergent (voids warranty). Store wouldn't take back boxes. Now stuck with two boxes of All.
J Jenks,   Rialto, CA

hate it!!!!!!!!!!!! April 29, 2014
bought the all almighty stainlifter packets. 72 are in this bag. I have used them twice each time they did not dissolve. I have a whirlpool front loader. I put pod in first then clothes. I rewashed them again without packet! Money is hard to come by these days and to just through it away sickens me! I want my money back!!!!!
judi marker,   chesterfield, mi

amazing April 06, 2014
All small and might is the best out there not only is it affordable and a little goes along way but it leaves my clothes looking like new clean and far this is my favorite detergent along with snuggle blue iris and bamboo silk exhilaration fabric softner that's a combo you can't beat!!!!
nate ,   West haven

ALL Is The Best! April 03, 2014
Best detergent ever! Been using it for years. Smells like red apples and cedar. The leading orange box of detergent smells like powder, rose and laundry musk. The green box of detergent from the same leading manufacturers smells like cedar and laundry musk.
Sonia Yvette,   NM

Smells Like Home April 02, 2014
The detergent performance compared to the price you pay makes this a value. ALL (original) detergent is also my family's "scent". Gain may claim they are the coveted scent whiffing from people's laundry, but, here is a secret: that scent is original ALL. Gain may share the same note of cedar in its scent, but that's about ALL it shares. I decided to write this review after a mom at a kids play place tracked me down to find out what I wash my kids clothes with.
Erin,   Sterling Heights, MI

mighty pacs March 30, 2014
Always using All I bought a package of mighty pacs.Some times they dissolve and some times they don't.I get this little gummy stuff in the washer. So far it has not gone to the dryer. I will continue to use All just not this product.
D McCurdy,   Flagstaff AZ

Not a fan-turned my water orange March 23, 2014
This detergent turned my water orange. I thought I might have had rust in my machine, so I used CLR with any empty load. Went to wash another load, still turned orange, so I used CLR again. I finally realized it was the detergent causing it. It doesn't say anything about it on the bottle. I unnecessarily bought something else to try to fix it, plus now I'm throwing out the detergent too. Waste of money.
L Bradley,   Wake Forest, NC

Love your product March 03, 2014
I use your product all the time. It does geat job on all my laundry.
A DeAugustneo,   Wilder Idaho

Love it February 24, 2014
Great detergent, ive been trying different soaps lately, purex 3 in 1, arm & hammer, and other soaps. All of which would not remove the stains even after pretreating, & finally i gave the all stainlifter a chance, all my stains are gone, i let it dissolve in cold water added the purex crystals, put my clothes to wash and when i got them out all stains were gone. Smelling great! A small bottle packed with a big punch, awesome.
Danielle N. Coggin,   laredo,tx

THESE RUIN CLOTHES February 24, 2014
We recently purchased new HE appliances & bought ALL Free & Clear pods. These have ruined SOOOOO many clothes, there are grease like spots that must be the outer film not dissolving. It does not matter how few or many clothes in a load, there will be completely ruined ones in any load & the spots do not come out regardless of how much treating you try afterwards. Stick with liquid!!! Very disappointing & expensive lesson! :(
M B,   Hawley, MN

Do not dissolve February 20, 2014
So Disappointed! We use the Free and Clear pacs for our daughter's clothing, but the All Stainlifter pacs do not dissolve in all temperatures. It has ruined several pieces of our clothing where the pac's outer liner is melted to our clothing and it doesn't always come off! BEWARE when you purchase these!
Christina, T,   Colorado Springs, CO

Disappointed!! February 20, 2014
I washed my Quilt my grandmother had given me 22 years ago,unfortantly the pod did not dissolve completly and I did not catch it before putting in the drier,and now the pod is burnt onto the quilt and I can not get it off.Be careful they do not always dissolve!!
Kim,   Upper Sandusky,Oh.

ALL, love it!!!!! February 10, 2014
My family and I love ALL, and also that my son is allergic to other detergents, and yours is the only one we can use because of that.... it leaves my clothing sof and smelling soooo good.
a Jordan,   Lancaster Pa

My clothes are blue February 04, 2014
"All stainfighter" turned my clothes blue.
T. Brentnall,   Key West, Florida

All Laundry Pods January 30, 2014
I like the convenience of these but I have noticed that part of the outside shell of the Pod is remainig on my clothes. I tried rewashing the clothes without using laundry soap but that didn't work. Now my sweater and favorite pair of pants is ruined.
R, Hughes,   Mishawaka, IN

rate January 20, 2014
I was pleasantly surprised at how well ALL washed my last load of laundry. Everything came out clean and fresh smelling. Thanks and keep up the good work
kathi,   palmetto fl

Highly allergic January 17, 2014
Have had a severe allergic reaction to this product ... Anaphylactic hives for days. The ingredients are not readily available either which makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Never using again.
C. Evans,   Denver

can no longer use January 13, 2014
I've been using All detergent ever since I started doing my own laundry, but will no longer be buying it. The new formula has a terrible perfumey scent that clings to clothes even after they've been through an extra rinse. We already use fragrance-free Tide for our son's laundry, and will be switching to it for everything.
jm,   Illinois

scents in free and clear January 09, 2014
After many years of using All 3x, I have had to use the new, no perfume Free and Clear. It smelled up my whole house and gave me a headache. Bring back the truly unscented un perfumed version of at least one of your detergents. I don,t know what I can use to do my laundry. Even after rewashing the whole load in plain water the scent lingered in the clothes. Help
j westman,   martinez ca

ALL mighty pacs/stainlifter do not dissolve January 04, 2014
Very first time I bought and used ALL mighty pacs/stainlifter although I use ALL detergent for years. I live in a Condo. The new front loading washers are installed recently. I did 4 laundry loadings. The washers were not overloaded, I did a 'Color' cycle with warm water, lasts 35 min. And all 4 times I discovered the remnants of pacs, some of with still detergent in "skin". They would clogged the drain holes if I did not scooped them out. I can provide the pictures of this incident. Hope th
Y.Stanley,   Alexandria,VA

Love It! January 02, 2014
I love the way All cleans and smells. It always gets the staains out and the scent lasts. My only issue is no longer being able to get it at either Sams Club or Costco. They only carry the Free & Clear All. Honestly, I hate the Free & Clear. It doesn't seem to clean as well and my laundry does not smell good. Those are the only two places I liked to buy laundry detergent because I can save a lot of money on the really large bottle/jug.
T. Bowers,   Arvada, CO

stainlifter December 18, 2013
I love how all stainlifter works. Never letting me down and always keeping our clothes looking new. I love the liquid
S. Smith,   Washington, Pa

Works great !! December 08, 2013
First of all i have tried the pods love them ..i recommend putting them in first and letting the HOT water hit it to desolve it more!It even said on the back to PUT the POD in First then you clothes ..Never had a Problem ..Maybe just me!..I also use the All with oxyclean and found it to be great..My husand is a cook takes the stains and odors Out..Love it!!Maybe an All fabric softer is next ?
L.Shelley,   Richland Ms

Mighty Pacs December 07, 2013
I have been buying the mighty pacs for a few months, all but 1 bag had a broken pac in the bag. Also is there any quality control? Some of the pacs are all clumped together like they are not cut all the way thru. When they are clumped together and you try to get them apart, you have to pull and be careful and I always end up breaking one open. That's on top of at least one broken in every single bag I have purchased (had 1 bag that didn't). I do like the convenience of the pac but it gets annoyi
R.Robbins,   Montgomery,PA.

Love that All November 30, 2013
I love the way All makes my clothes smell so fresh, soft, and clean. Thanks All for making me switch from Tide to All.
Sonya T Surr,   Hyattsville, MD

Awful new scent November 18, 2013
I have used ALL Fresh Rain scent for years. I loved it because it was a light, fresh scent and an effective cleaner. My laundry room smelled great. Minimal scent on the clothes but everything was fresh. The "new improved scent" fresh rain (now with in-wash pre-treaters) smells AWFUL. The scent is far too powerful and is almost like a blast of bad perfume. I'm guessing the new scent was added to mask something about the pre-treaters. GET RID OF THEM. Go back to the original scent. I can
K Kauk,   Dunlap, IL

love it November 05, 2013
i have been using this product for about 6 monts and me and my family love the smell and how soft our clothes feel thanks for the good work
maria p.,   forrt worth texas

"Do Not Change Formula" Contract Clause Expired? November 03, 2013
I'm aware many products are sold with a "Do Not Change Formula" clause with an expiration date. Not sure what Sun Products is up to but this is NOT the same All Laundry Detergent that Unilever produced. All Stainlifter product does not have a good scent. Some of the other products in the line also seem to have had the formula changed. Too pungent out of the bottle but not a nice, lasting scent on the clothes. Clothes used to actually be commented on about how nice they smell. That is no longe
Z Stuart,   Santa Cruz, CA

Less marketing, better product. October 30, 2013
Maybe if you fired some of the singing, dancing marketing monkeys, and invested the $ in proper product testing, you wouldn't sell stuff that causes its users health issues?
Joe Sixpack,   Tucson

Got skin? October 30, 2013
All stainlifter oxi-clean waterfall clean. Used for several weeks before breaking out in a rather unpleasant skin rash. Even when using a small amount of this stuff (is anyone dump enough to dump a whole cap-full of this gunk on their cloths?), it produces significant a allergic reaction everywhere my clothes are pressed against the skin. Stopped using it, and ran all clothing through a hot wash w/o any soap, and the symptoms vanished. ALL should recall this stuff and sell it to the Syrians fo
Scratch and Itchy,   Tucson, AZ

all pods October 18, 2013
purchased these for my son at college - should of read reviews first, the pods did not dissolve and ruined a few items with dried plastic. Now he pokes a hole in the pod and squirts the detergent in - so much for being a time saver...I would never recommend this particular product in the all family.
EKG,   Chesapeake VA

Pods don't dissolve completely October 12, 2013
The pods dosn't dissolve completely.I find a gooy sticky mess in the drain area of my washer. Praying it dosn't harm my washer when the sticky goo isn't visible.
BGarner,   Marion Illinois

Pods not disolving October 12, 2013
I'm finding the pods are not disolving completely after the cycle is finished. There is a gooy mess in the drain area.
BGarner,   Marion Illinois

Had an allergic reaction, but there is still hope. October 10, 2013
My family and I can no longer use the 2X All in Stainlifter or Fresh Rain scents. We had allergic reactions to them. However, we can still use the Free and Clear, and the Small and Mighty versions of Stainlifter and Fresh Rain. Please do not alter those three versions of your product.
H. Pence,   Homewood

Great product October 05, 2013
Great produce, been using ALL for about five years now and it cleans and lifts off stains keeps My children's clothes looking New as well as smelling good!
Leticia Alvarez,   San Jose ca

Awesome!!! September 28, 2013
My family loves this! The smell is great also.
C Monk,   Round Lk Hts, IL

scent change? September 19, 2013
Been using all (blue bottle) for years-always found the product works well. Did the blue bottle scent change? Maybe my nose is just getting old. Oh yes, tried the pacs-hate them. My size of my loads always fall in between using 1 pac and two. The cost of is too high, also...
B Weisman,   Erie PA

odor is too strong August 29, 2013
I have used All detergent for over 20 years. But, I cannot stand the odor of the all stainlifters NOW with in-wash pre-treaters. It is a very irritating odor. I feel self concious at work. And, it even woke me up in the middle of the night. I also think it is irritating my skin. This weekend I will be rewashing everything in a new detergent. I hope stores still have the older version of all.
S. Ward,   Houston, TX

IRRITATING!!! August 26, 2013
I have the most horrible allergic reaction to regular ALL in the blue bottle. Seeing the reviews I suppose they started adding some new chemical to make it stronger. WHY??? It was fine to use when I was younger. I just bought a HUGE jug of it from BJ's and I have never felt so horrible in my life! Might be good for some people, but my reaction was SOOO bad, I don't even want to TRY the ALL Free and Clear!
L. Delaney,   Euclid, Ohio

Best Detergent EVER!!! August 23, 2013
I normally don't buy ALL because I didn't like the smell of the regular detergent. But I have 4 kids and their clothes get soooo dirty, and I have been trying all types of detergents. This one is by far the best I have ever used!! It smells awesome, my clothes are super clean, and it doesn't irritate my kids' skin. Awesome!!
V Laisure,   Jacksonville, NC

all stainlifter August 23, 2013
After removing my laundry from the machine, I realize, I had accidently, added a piece of clothing which discolored some of my clothing. I was about to throw them away, because they were extremely discolored. I decided to try the all stainlifter, which I happen to have on hand because it was on sale. After rewashing, you could not tell their were stained at all. I truly recommend this product.
S. Skinner,   Brooklyn, N.Y.

Best detergent for sensitive skin August 14, 2013
My son seems to be allergic to everything. ALL is the only detergent that gets our entire family's clothes clean without causing an allergic reaction. Thanks!
J Lee,   Fairmont NC

Don't use blue August 06, 2013
Bad bad bad the blue die in the packs stained two loads of laundry I dint notice till I was ready to fold one load n it was to late for the other one in the wash why ALL even use the die in the first place if u make a clear version beats me but thanks ALL for destroying almost all my clothing
N federici,   Ocala Fl

blue liquid is terrible August 01, 2013
this detergent is terrible... it has stained several of our clothes. i will never buy this brand again. very disappointed...
t,smith,   quincy, il

First timer July 24, 2013
My first time using the ALL brand, and I have to say its a very powerful detergent, gets the stains out on the first wash. Also tried the free and clear on my children clothes, as a result no allergic reaction, like other leading brands. I'm impressed!
N.Rivers,   Greece, NY

Great Detergent July 14, 2013
all detergent with "Stainlifter" gets all of my laundry the cleanest. My whites are always sparkling and my colors do not fade. I always use Snuggle fabric softener in my rinse cycle and along with my all detergent. My clothes and linens always smell fabulous for weeks!
J. Aubert,   New Orleans

Watch out! July 12, 2013
Product is great for cleaning clothes, but it has ruined the top of my washer. The detergent has etched into the porcelain (from the cap where the detergent leaks down). So mad!
K.Driggs,   Crestview, FL

I tried this product because it was on sale. Very satisfied. It rinses out the first time unlike other brands that need a second rinse cycle and cleans clothes better than tide . I will quit paying so much for tide our clothes are cleaner.
k powers,   farmersville tx

good grief July 08, 2013
I've been using All since my mother used it when I was a kid. Why oh why would the company start adding harmful and irritating enzymes to what was once a great detergent? So disappointed. Looks like no more All for us.
DP,   NY

Great!!! June 24, 2013
I bought ALL with stainlifter because I had a coupon and it was on sale. I had this pair of shorts with a stain that I had treated with Oxyclean again and again trying to remove the stain...with no luck. I put some of this detergent on the stain and washed them with my normal detergent and finally the stain is gone. Yay ALL, I am impressed.
A. Poindexter,   WV

I will not try them again!!! June 22, 2013
Part of my laundry has been ruined by using the mighty pacs. A set of Macy's Hotel Collection sheets (which are very expensive) are ruined. The plastic pac does not dissolve completely and when you put them in the dryer it sticks to the fabrics. If you try to separate the fabrics it breaks. I bought an 84 pack which I will throw to the garbage.
MTV,   San Juan, PR

no scoop included!!!!! June 12, 2013
no scoop... called customer service for instructions - no answer.... this company is not helpful!!!!! better to try a different brand next time ... oh, and they make you give at least 1 star in order to submit rating - otherwise I'd give 0 stars
l, ballard,   san francsico, ca

love the pacs June 11, 2013
The all stain lifters mighty PACs are the best they leave clothes clean and fresh and there so easy to use!!! Keep them around there all I buy since they came out and I don't plan on buying any other detergent ever
nay,   west haven

MIGHTY PACS June 08, 2013
I love these and I would recomend these to everyone and kids like to hold them under the water and watch them disapear. It makes doing laundry fun for everyone. :)
Avery T,   katy, texas

why change something good? June 06, 2013
I don't like the fact this company changed the detergent. It's way too perfumy and does not smell good. Makes me and family sneeze and itch. Tried looking for an original All and couldn't find one. Apparently they changed the entire stock. Not happy. Not only me and my kids are not going to be able to use this but my father and sisters are the same way. We used to be so happy for many years and now we have to find another detergent until the company of All gets smart and changes things back. Who
julie bellanco,   bedford, oh

Stains your clothes! June 06, 2013
Tried all mighty packs for the first time and they stained several of my clothes including a $60 sweatshirt I purchased for work! I have blue stains now all over several of my clothes. This is the only laundry pack that I have bought that has ever done this! I would recommend not trying them unless you are willing to take a chance on destroying your clothes!
S. Murphy,   North East, PA

HIVES May 25, 2013
Bought this detergent thinking it was the oxi-Active we have used before, started breaking out in hives. Went on for a month until I realized it was a different kind of All. I bought the old All and rewashing everything. Finally started to quit breaking out in hives. The color of bottles are should be changed.
M Cade,   Chillicothe,Ohio

Mighty Pacs May 13, 2013
Bought 72pack of new All only to have the top packs stuck together. When I tried to separate them several burst open and squirted all over, including me. Recommend the powder packs, not liquid packs.
M.LaRocque,   Saint Ignace MI

less mess, more convenience May 10, 2013
I am a huge fan of All Mighty Pacs laundry detergent. Having had my share of liquid detergent spills, or accidentally pouring it in the wrong dispenser section....I am so glad to have this convenient option. Thanks for making laundry day a little less of a chore.
J Erickson,   Gaston, OR

Love the mighty pacs April 28, 2013
I started using the mighty pacs about two weeks ago. My clothes are brighter and whites are whiter. I like the connivance of the pacs. I've had no problems with the pacs not dissolving. You can't beat the price of them either. Thanks All.
J Palmatier,   Millville, Pa

Mighty pacs April 27, 2013
I am disappointed in the mighty pacs. The package clearly says they dissolve completely in all temperatures of water. I use tap cold on all of my laundry. I have HE machines. Twice now I have found sticky balls of clear goo on my laundry. Since the only thing in there besides my clothes are those pacs, well now i have lost 2 items due to sticky glue pacs. I will be buying new detergent tomorrow that is not in a sticky goo pac that damages my laundry. More than likely it will not be an ALL produc
J. Ebert,   Granite Falls, WA
NEW From the #1 Detergent Brand Recommended by Dermatologists Allergists and Pediatricians comes all® free clear liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Use together to make fabrics cleaner, softer, and more comfortable against your family’s sensitive skin. 100% free of dyes and perfumes. Gentle on skin. Safe for all washing machines. Find it in your fabric conditioner aisle!
liquid sheets
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avg. rating - 3 stars (2 reviews)

Works Great July 24, 2014
I bought the fabric softener and dryer sheets a few weeks ago for my laundry, and they're making my clothes feel softer than they did then. With these products, my clothes now won't rub so hard against my skin. I recommend this to everyone.
Zachary K.,   Sioux City, Iowa

new all free sheets April 12, 2014
I'm a concerned wife and mom. I've been reading about 8 toxins associated with fabric sheets. all free clear sheets says on the package to go online and read their ingredients. however, after 15 minutes of searching, I can't find any data. This concerns me and I won't be purchasing any more. Unless someone can give me an answer???
mrs doubtful,   st louis, mo
Full of concentrated cleaning power, all® Oxi now contains with In-Wash Pre-Treaters for whiter whites (vs. all® Stainlifter). Safe for all washing machines.
liquid small & mighty
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avg. rating - 2 stars (17 reviews)

Smells Like Home July 01, 2014
ALL detergent is the only brand I use. I have used Original All for years, and was hesitant to try Oxi All, because of the negative reviews. However, my neighbor gave my daughters some hand-me-down clothes, and they smelled really good ( like fresh cotton candy). I asked what she used, and she told me Oxi ALL. Now, it is my favorite, then Original ALL if I need a change. Both work great, and no negative reactions from my family of 8. I don't even use fabri softener, because I love the light, fre
Erin,   Sterling Heights, MI

Skin sensitive, don't buy June 30, 2014
The product smells really nice and does and good job, but if you have any kind of sensitive skin, don't buy. After using for about 2 months I started to itch all over my body. I went back to using All Free and Clear detergent.
M Cahill,   Omaha, Ne

BEST EVER June 26, 2014
This detergent is amazing. I bought it because every time my daughter comes over with her kids, and they walk through my house, they smell sweet and fresh. She used All Oxi, and now I do, too. In the bottle, it smells like vitamins or something strange, but after the wash it is fresh. Try it!
Charlotte M.,   Ohio

Worst buy ever!!! May 30, 2014
I really hate this detergent i got a new job so i bought a couple of dress shirts and pants then when i washed them they all got stained permanently i also broke out into a really bad rash please don't buy this product.
L Martinez,   Mt Airy, NC

Love May 29, 2014
Love this product specialy mightparck
Tran dong,   Wyoming, Michigan

horrible rash March 17, 2014
I used this laundry product once, and have such a horrible rash on my body that I can not sleep at night because of the itching. This product should be recalled
m. grzelak,   dollar bay,mi

really good February 28, 2014
I love this stuff!! I refuse to pay for tide that is so expensive. I love the way all oxi smells and always cleans great!!!!
jbravo,   louisville,ky

Bad detergent February 17, 2014
We bought 2 All Oxi clean about a month ago, all four of us in the household had unbearable itch, hives, I looked on the top of the lid this weekend and the date was 11/13/13. does that mean it is expired. We still have rashes and I have been re washing sheets, towels almost everything. Do not buy this product.
M. Barish,   Mays Landing, NJ

Hope Scratchy and Itchy is Correct November 19, 2013
I have been struggling to figure out what has caused this unbearable itchy rash all over my skin. Then I remembered I tried the Oxi All instead of my regular All. After reading these reviews, it looks like I am on to something. Hopefully re-washing my sheets and clothes will result in a clear up as this is unbearable. How do companies get away with putting such irritants in clothing detergent?
Itchy and Scratchy,   Annandale, VA

Severe rash and ich November 03, 2013
If you sweat after washing with this product you will break out into one of the worst rashes you have ever had. Think of the areas of the body that sweat first and holy makeral you are in an ALL scratching/rash hell! It is embar
Jkennedy,   Hendo NC

Got Skin? October 30, 2013
Stainlifter oxi-clean, waterfall clean. Used for several weeks before breaking out in an unpleasant skin rash. Even when using a small amount of this stuff (is anyone dumb enough to use a whole cap-full of this gunk?), the product produces significant allergic dermatitis everywhere my clothes are pressed against the skin. Stopped using it and ran all clothing through a hot rinse, and the symptoms vanished. ALL should recall this stuff and sell it to the Syrians for use as a blister agent chemica
Scratch and Itchy,   Tucson, AZ

ruined my clothes October 22, 2013
I am unable to get this horrible scent out of my clothes even after running my clothes through two more rinses. Do not buy this product.
J Shane,   Santa Fe, NM

All laundry soap September 25, 2013
The old All with bleach alternative smelled wonderful. Why all these changes going on ? All just smells terrible now....
A Sage,   Akron ohio

Yuck! September 08, 2013
I thought it was our water that smelled horrible. Then I thought this was only good in HE washers. Nope. I just read another review that confirmed my suspicion. It's the laundry detergent! It doesn't clean them it leaves the stink in!! So sorry I wasted over $10 for a big bottle of it! Had to give it 1 star to post this but it's definitely 0 stars in my book!
s.jones,   ri

No lo recomiendo September 07, 2013
Este detergente es excelente sacando las manchas, pero mancha la ropa de azul y es imposible sacarle la mancha azul a la ropa. No lo recomiendo daña, te repito mancha la ropa, en la de color oscuro no lo notas, pero en la blanca y la de colores claro se ve la mancha.
JUNIOR,   Puerto Rico

Nothing but awesome June 05, 2013
I bought it the first time after using tide for fifteen years and will never buy anything else again. Truly happy :))
L Haynie,   Chesapeake va

Terrible odor May 08, 2013
This product has the most terrible odor imaginable. It gets worse if the wash is left to soak. After the wash the washing machine still has the odor and the items washed also smells terrible.
e, maloof,   boscawen, nh
all® free clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by Dermatologists Allergists and Pediatricians for sensitive skin. It's tough on stains yet gentle enough for the whole family. Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines. It rinses clean and has a gentle, hypoallergenic formula. Powerful Clean. Gentle on Skin®.
liquid mighty pacs small & mighty powder
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avg. rating - 2.5 stars (66 reviews)

Ecezma July 19, 2014
Thank You for doing what you say. The others claim to be free and Clear. But your detergent really is. I strayed thinking I was saving money. But I wasn't. For my children's eczema it is the best for their clothes. Thanks and keep doing what is right for kids with sensitive skin.
C. Myicks,   Mobile, AL

Wont chance anything that has color to it July 15, 2014
This product used to be clear but now has a yellow color to the pods? I cannot chance using something that has color to it with a daughter that is allergic to yellow dye. VERY DISAPPOINTED! Have used this product for so many years!
C Reynolds,   Riverton, Ks

Product Quality has DEFiNITELY dropped July 15, 2014
I have used all All Free and Clear for years. Much to my surprise the product has changed and the old formula is no longer available. The new formula states it is free of dye but instead of clear liquid it is now pee yellow. Instead of free of perfumes the clothing now stinks when it comes out of the washing machine. I am greatly saddened by these changes and will bring the negative changes up into my friends in conversation and warn them about these changes. Too bad the manufacturer couldn
D Igoe,   Bismarck, ND

Losing a customer July 11, 2014
We used to use free and clear for a few years now We just bought a new package of the pods last week and they are yellow instead of clear. Washed our clothes and they now come out smelling moldy. I read other people are having the same issue. Will no longer be buying this product.
C,Azarmi,   San Diego, CA

Product changed. no longer free and clear July 04, 2014
I wanted to give this zero stars, but seems you can't. I've been using the product for a few years. Was free of perfumes and dyes. Bring home a new pack today and the smell is of stale clothes and the color is a very unnatural yellow.
Jennifer,   Yelm, WA

Pacs burst June 30, 2014
I am trying ALL pacs for the first time. I bought them, put them in my car, came home, started to wash, and what do you think happened. The pacs were all stuck together. When I tried to pull them apart to put in my washer, they burst. I was very upset because I can't go out and buy detergent like that. I have a budget to consider. Yes, it is hot here, but I don't live that far from the supermarket. I believe they were like that from the store - Walmart. Just want to let you know, perhaps
A Vinson,   Shelby, NC

Smelly June 16, 2014
Just bought this today and package changed. Brought it home, the pacs are different color (no big deal) but the smell is old woman perfume. How is something supposed to be "free" of perfumes when in fact it has a smell. SHAME on you ALL (Sun). I am very DISPLEASED. I don't even want to use pacs. Too afraid that my family will experience the "hives" that the rest of the users have had. Called customer service and they said the formula changed in May 2014. Please change back to the original formul
J Summers,   Sherwood, AR

Horrible Hives June 05, 2014
We have recently relocated to S Florida from the Midwest and I have been using another dye free/frag free product with absolutely no problems. I found that they do not sell that product here, so we picked up the All Free/Clear. Did fine for about a week and then hit with severe hives and itching that medications would not stop. After taking everything out of my diet, then ordered my old product online and rewashed everything. No Hives - they went away almost instantly. You are not doing som
D Koscielny,   Delray Beach FL

When I started itching yet again, I decided to see if All ingredients had been changed! Guess what, I was told to come to this site for a complete list of ingredients in All Clear. Been searching for over 30 minutes and so far, have not found that list. Where is it hidden at?????? Come on company, some of us do have allergies to additives that are in most laundry detergents. All was safe until now. What did you change?
R Estle,   Hillsboro, OH

PAINFUL HIVES May 21, 2014
This product is either using perfume or some VERY harsh chemicals. I have never had this reaction even with products I have known allergies to. Shortly after use, my skin was covered in painful hives and blisters from the use of the product on my clothing. I am very disappointing to also find that the product ingredients seem to be hidden and are very unclear when you can find them.
A Maynard,   Ocala, FL

Ingrediants changed since sun bought ALL? May 01, 2014
All F&C smells different now that Sun bought it. IT DID NOT USED TO SMELL. THIS SITE DOES NOT! GIVE AN INGREDIANT LIST.
K. Johnson,   L.A., CA

Stain-lifters broke my entire family out in hives April 30, 2014
Stain-lifters broke my entire family out in hives! The old original formula did not! Its a shame they don't offer it any longer. Very disappointed!
B. Cunningham,   Las Vegas

new package of pods sticking together April 24, 2014
upon opening a new package of pods, they were sticking together, nothing could be done, what a mess.
S. Gillon,   Manassas, Va

Ingredient List for ALL Products Found Here: April 20, 2014 You can search for your specific UPC code. I don't know why they don't list that more obviously. I am suspicious that something has changed with the new packaging but need to check against old printouts I have.
Mr. Helpful,   MD

Ingredient List April 06, 2014
Find your specific All product from this list to see the ingredients:
Tristan M,   New York, NY

All stainlifters is horrible April 06, 2014
The All stainlifters is horrible I bought All free & clear because it was free & clear with the stainlifters it's not. I have sensitive skin & after using this I had a bad allergic face swelled & turned red & I had trouble breathing. Please bring back the All without stainlifters. I can't find it anywhere
S Foster,   CA

Ingredient List March 27, 2014
Very annoyed that I cannot find an ingredient list for the Free Clear Detergent, only the pacs. I was recently diagnosed with several allergies and would like to compare the ingredient list to said allergies. Please email a list.
M, Leonard,   Wilmington, DE

Beware March 27, 2014
I am sensitive to perfumes and used All's Free and Clear in the past with no complaints. HOWEVER, they most definitely have changed the formula because this product is now highly perfumed. Could something have gone terribly wrong at the plant? I used it thinking it was the old stuff and now can NOT get its perfume out of my clothes. I have re-washed them FOUR TIMES and still the smell is there. This is a disaster for allergy people and I can NOT believe dermatologists rate it "#1". If the
L. Gonn,   Spring, TX

Disrespect for customers March 24, 2014
Why don't you have the ingredients list ON the package? Why should I have to navigate this horrible website to find it? Where is the ingredients list? I'm getting a rash.
M Laundry,   Hilo

Ingredients? March 23, 2014
Where is the list of ingredients? Like others who can't find it, neither can I - WHY NOT??? HIDING SOMETHING???
B. Hey,   Spring, TX

Ingredients???? March 15, 2014
Where are you hiding the ing list!? Seriously people!
S ackerman,   Bentonville AR

Ingredients? March 07, 2014
For being free and clear, it has been giving us rashes. Bottle says to see website for ingredients, and guess what? Nothing is listed.
N, othappy,   Portland, OR

Ingredients???? March 02, 2014
I have not used this detergent yet because, like others, I need to know what ingredients it contains. I have not been able to find the list of ingredients that the bottle says is on this website.
J Millett,   Olathe, KS

Free and Clear Smells Awful March 01, 2014
Don't even waste your money. I can't see how anyone call stay in business selling a product that is not suppose to smell... but make you sick from the fumes. This product S.u..c.k..s
K. Johnson,   chandler, AZ

all in love with this detergent February 28, 2014
I love it it cleans my clothes has no smell and is not expensive I have to say I was a little scared of using this new detergent my whole family has allergies on the first use I noticed my clothes was cleaner then usual and had no smell to them Great Job!!! I don't understand why people cant return the product if they are not happy with it I always do and always get my money back but I wont be returning this product I love it to much <3
A,Torres,   Fullerton CA

All Free and Clear Smells bad Makes us sic.k February 28, 2014
Zero Stars We bought the All Free & Clear. The stink of heavy chemicals on the clothing even after 6 rinse! makes us sick to our stomach Don't waste your time or health
--- J. Doe,   Chandler, AZ

Leaky pacs February 27, 2014
When package was opened we found one big glob of pacs stuck together and sticky, leaking mess. Impossible to use. 0 rate
T Wieser,   Valley City, ND

NOT FREE AND CLEAR ANYMORE!!! Zero stars February 24, 2014
Why does my All Free and Clear, which I loved for years, suddenly have a scent? I cannot use scented products, which is why I buy "free and clear". This product now makes me sick and I'm stuck wih 3 large bottles of it. Very disappointed with it
M Q,   San Francisco

free clear February 09, 2014
I was brainwashed from my Mom to use Tide. My husband and I were at Sam's Club and I was desperate for perfume free detergent. All Sam's had was All free clear. So, I purchased it. My clothes are much cleaner than with Tide, I use less detergent, and the detergent seems to rinse out of the clothes better. Good-bye Tide!
J New,   Topeka, KS

The best for sensitive skin and allergies February 04, 2014
I have been using this brand for years and every once in awhile I try other free and clear brands and none can hold up to the non- irritation factor nor the cleaning power. .....Also for those looking for the ingredient list go to then under the heading about us look for the ingredient and MSDS info. then fill in the info for the product you want the info on. I found it in less then 1 minute after reading all the problems people had in finding the ingredient list.
S, Freemyers,   chesapeake, va

Great for Son with Eczema February 04, 2014
This is the only laundry detergent we can use for our sons sensitive skin. We love this product!!!
L Salter,   Columbia, Missouri

Great Product, Terrible Bottle Design! January 31, 2014
Have used the product for many years, however, the newest bottle design is extremely poor. Pours too quickly, measuring cup is hard to read, bottle material is flimsy and design allows the bottle to slip in your hands. Did not have this problem with the old design.
A. Gilgunn,   Crofton, MD

ingredient list January 25, 2014
Please email me a copy of the ingredient list for the liquid All with stainlifters free and clear formula for HE washers. The package states this information is listed on website but only the mighty pacs ingredients are shown.
P Deaton,   Dallas, NC

has the pac formula changed? January 22, 2014
The pac seems to have gotten thicker, which makes it stronger but have noticed that with my top loading HE machine the pacs are dissolving as good as they used to in my regular washer. Very disappointment especially since it has ruined several shirts. Next - for those that are looking for a list of ingredients it's at the top under products > safety info. It's not that hard folks!
Karen H,   Pocomoke City, MD

The Best For Sensitive Skin January 20, 2014
I have very sensitive skin and All Fragrance Free is the only laundry detergent that I can use! The best for people with allergies and sensitive skin.
S Phillips,   Richmond, Va

Where is your list of ingredients? January 20, 2014
As others have stated, it would be nice to see what is actually in the laundry detergent. I just found out that other detergents have fillers such as gluten, and peanut son is allergic to those things, and we keep him free of this in his find out if I have been washing his clothes in it for 7 years...I need a list of ingredients. Where is it? If you don't provide it, I will never buy it again. I will switch to Norwex. Please email me with your response.
W, Pierce,   Milwaukee, WI

What is in the product? January 17, 2014
On the bottle, it gives a URL to find out what the ingredients are. So far, I have clicked through 2 websites and I have not found a listing of the ingredients! Very frustrating? What is in the product?
g, miller,   los gatos, ca

Ingredients?! January 17, 2014
Very frustrating not to have this easily accessible!
K Smith,   Kalamazoo Michigan

Mighty Staining Packs January 14, 2014
Being that everyone at home has sensitive skin we have been using free & clear for many years. When we noticed the mighty we thought it would be a good idea to try them out especially since it would prevent using too much or too little detergent. After the loads we would notice that the clothes would come out with white stains. At first we would blame it on other possible factors, however after time we noticed it was the mighty packs. We have been loyal customers of All Free & Clear detergent fo
Annette, Ruiz,   Hawthorne, Ca

Need the list of ingredients in All free & clear January 13, 2014
Why have you not listed the ingredients as indicated on your product of All free & clear? I will try the 800 number you have listed. Medically important to disclose. I should not have to work this hard for information that should be readily available.
V.Gembecki,   Island Park, NY

Removes the dirt, but not the odors. December 04, 2013
I bought the free and clear version of the All Mighty Pacs because I have sensitive skin and I don't like the messes associated with powder and liquid detergent. On a positive note, the pod did effectively dissolve in the washer with cold water, and it did a good job with removing visible dirt. However, my clothes came out smelling like they were still dirty. I understand that this is scent free detergent, but that is no excuse for my clothes coming out stinky. Please Fix!
JFK,   Fort Atkinson, WI

all laundry packs November 30, 2013
went with free and clear after having numerous skin problems.i don't use dryer sheets,just product for me.
C LaBrake,   Lowville,ny

Missing Ingredient List November 29, 2013
I am also having trouble locating the ingredient list that is promised to be on this website per the container. If the list isn't provided then that is false advertising people. I am not impressed.
C. Haynes,   VA Beach, Va

Ingredients November 24, 2013
I also have been diagnosed with contact dermitis with an allergy to Thimerosal and your product says go to website to see ingredients list - can't seem to find it
Cboudreu,   Slidell, LA

Ingredients???? October 13, 2013
I am having an extremely bad case of contact dermatitis and my allergist has given me a list of ingredients I need to watch out for. Since I am using All free and Clear, I wanted to make sure it was in fact, Free and Clear of these ingredients....the bottle says to go on this website.....Where are they????? Please advise.
a.groseth,   liberty twp., oh

love detergent, but packaging has issues October 12, 2013
I have enjoyed using the All Mighty Pacs. Several times I have found a busted pac which then begins to destroy the others. My first thought was that someone is popping the detergent pacs. But that wasn't the case. It is difficult to save them at that point. Are there any suggestions to keep them from busting and destroying the others?
Laura A,   Hendersonville, NC

Sticky residue remains October 10, 2013
I'm using pacs in my front loader washer and putting them in the drum as instructed. Noticed over the past week several loads have a garment or two with sticky spots after washing. It doesn't matter how full the load is or what temperature the load is run at. What is the deal with these pacs? I'm going to be ending my use of these and go back to the liquid detergent.
E Sklar,   North Manchester IN

Love ALL Free and clear September 10, 2013
I switched probably about 10 years ago to ALL free and clear. I recently tried the mighty pacs and I like those too. Thanks for a great product. Last time I was at Sams, they didn't have those pacs - I hope to see them return soon!
M Sauer,   St. Louis, MO

Not Happy September 10, 2013
I switched from my other brand due to the claims on the bottle. I noticed after two weeks of use that I'm itching a lot and have developed a rash on my lower back. I also wash my dog blankets in this and two of my dogs are experiencing intense itching on their under bellies, armpits, lower legs...One is chewing himself constantly. Nothing else in my household has changed. I'm concerned that they don't list ingredients on the bottle and direct you to the website. I've yet to find the ingred
T Wilson,   Battle Ground, WA

Ingredients September 07, 2013
A list of ingredients would be nice to find.
M, Hanchar ,   Valparaiso,IN

Ingredients September 07, 2013
A list of ingredients would be nice to find.
M, Hanchar ,   Valparaiso,IN

ingredients? September 06, 2013
Where is your list? you do not make it easy to find...trying to find out about a possible allergy.
hall,s,   p g MD

Has the formula changed? August 29, 2013
We have used All Free and Clear for year and now suddenly my son and I are both itchy. We have eliminated all allergy possibilities...this is the last one. Has there been a change in ingredients in the last month?
K.Simenson,   Portland, OR

Has the formula changed? August 29, 2013
We have used All Free and Clear for year and now suddenly my son and I are both itchy. We have eliminated all allergy possibilities...this is the last one. Has there been a change in ingredients in the last month?
K.Simenson,   Portland, OR

Has the formula changed? August 29, 2013
We have used All Free and Clear for year and now suddenly my son and I are both itchy. We have eliminated all allergy possibilities...this is the last one. Has there been a change in ingredients in the last month?
K.Simenson,   Portland, OR

ALL I will ever use! August 23, 2013
My husband has very sensitive skin and the only product I trust to clean our laundry and not irritate his psoriasis is ALL free and clear. I also wash all of our newborn's laundry with ALL free and clear as well.
C, Smith,   Amherst, MA

All Small and Mighty 3x vs All stainlifters August 07, 2013
What's the difference between the two liquid All products? I like the 3x but sometimes can't find it in my area.
L. Pollock,   Land O Lakes FL

dont like the mighty pacs August 07, 2013
i love your free and clear products but your mighty pacs do not desolve well sometimes. i find i am rerinsing things to get the pacs disolved. i will not buy them again. unfortunatly, i have an entire large bag left
c. gray,   egg harbor, wi.

Free & Clear is all we use July 07, 2013
Bought the last 4 bottles today - clerk told me they were going to carry the new all product instead. I'll have to go elsewhere because I want NO perfume and NO dye - All Free & Clear is the best.
J Cornish,   Rockville MD

Only Detergent we use June 22, 2013
Works well for our family. Our son has allergy problems we don't need our clothes to smell like a flower garden. We can see how well All free and clear cleans our kids clothes.
Eddie,   PA

hate this detergent June 12, 2013
No scoop included... customer service closed... not customet friendly at all!!!! I would give 0 stars but website makes u give at least 1 star or you cannot submit rating
l, ballard,   san francisco, ca

no scoop included June 12, 2013
Bought a box of detergent... no scoop included - never had that problem with any other brand ... tried calling customer service for measurinf instructions, but they were closed for the day ... not helpful at all!!!!
l, ballard,   san francisco, ca

love it May 31, 2013
All free and clean is the best out there or cleans my clothesand leaves them looking nice and it doesn't make my skin itchy!!! I buy the pacs because there so much easier to use and carry even if I buy the big bag with 72 PACs keep this item around my area cause its all I will buy!!!
nate,   west haven

All Free & Clear May 27, 2013
I am allergic to all scents but find my clothes & sheets don't bother me when I use All Free & Clear. I love the feel of fresh sheets right from the dryer. Thanks, All!
J Self,   Texas City, TX

Wonderfull! May 26, 2013
Love the all with oxi.i use to use gain on my work clothes untill i decided one day to use all.worked wonderfull for getting stains out.pleseant smell also
M Gibson,   bonnyman ky

Hives May 09, 2013
Suddenly after some stressfull events. i came down with hives galore on a regular basis. went to the doctor and they gave me epi pen and prednisone it was so bad. 2 doctors and they never saw such a bad case, and they sent me for skin specialties. As i talked to the pharmacist he said he's seen this before. covered in hives. he said change ur detergent and don't use dryer sheets, they are covered in chemical. so i used his recommendation of All free and clear. no more hives. it's all i buy
Joanne Johnson,   Worcester, MA
Full of concentrated cleaning power, all® Fresh Rain now contains In-Wash Pre-Treaters for improved scent. Safe for all washing machines.
liquid small & mighty
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avg. rating - 2 stars (31 reviews)

All mighty fresh rain July 09, 2014
I love fresh rain. I don't know why I can't find it anywhere. Please bring it back!!!!!!
R power,   Corpus Christi, tx

New Scent is Awful June 19, 2014
I had used Fresh Rain for years and years and find the new scent overpowering. My first load of laundry smelled up my entire house and the shirt I am wearing today has a noticeable odor of the new product. What I liked most about Fresh Rain was that it was clean smelling, but subtle. This new scent just overpowers too much. It's like wearing bad cologne.
A, Smelly,   Seattle, WA

Disappointed June 11, 2014
Loved the Fresh Rain scent. I used it for years. Disappointed that I am unable to find it in anymore. Not sure why it was removed from the stores.
J Beebe,   Vancleave, MS

Awful new smell May 21, 2014
Loved fresh rain- I didn't buy anything else, couldn't find it for a little bit and was disappointed and confused. Finally found it, I was so glad! As soon as I poured it, realized the smell isn't the same, wish they would go back... I do a ton of laundry, the smell is awful, its worth smelling different brands now and finding something else. I hope they change it back, bad move switching the smell. I used to love how my laundry smelled everyone would ask what I used too. I don't like the new sm
c rom,   Utah

New Scent Terrible April 02, 2014
I LOVE Fresh Rain but the new scent smells terrible. It isn't even close to the old one, is overpowering and has an odd after smell. I really don't want to have to find a new laundry detergent but I will have to because this is sickening.
P, STOP,   Pleasanton, CA

:) March 25, 2014
Love it!! Really take all the stains out
Mreyes,   Reno,Nv

***** March 20, 2014
I have been using All for over 40 years. I raised my 5 children using all and their clothes were alwyas clean. Love it and won't change.
L Morello,   West Harrison, NY

New Sent March 05, 2014
I have two boys two girls they all play hard. At first I thought the new scent was going to be overwhelming but instead of having kids cloths with a slight odd leftover scent their cloths now smell great with no background smell of sweat and the smell lasts weeks their room now smells like all. I can see why some people don't like it bc of how strong it is strong but for moms with active children this is great. All has less smelling scents for the ones that think the scent is two strong. Thank y
A, Jenkins,   Lexington Park ,Maryland

wonderful! February 26, 2014
I love the fresh scent, my laundry even smells fresh if I forget to put it in the dryer for a day! That's a big deal for a working mom like me! I will be buying this over and over again! Thanks for rescuing our laundry!!!!
K, Herzog,   Isanti, mn

New scent is horrible February 15, 2014
I was looking to contact Sun Products regarding this, but of course, they don't provide an e-mail address. I'll just confirm what many others have already said. The new scent is awful! Fortunately I bought this from Target, and they'll take it back. My wife--completely un-prompted--said, what IS that?! when she smelled my shirt just out of the dryer. I never understand why companies mess with things that are already perfectly fine. I suppose I'll have to find a new detergent.
A. Smellhater,   San Diego

Fresh Rain new scent unpleasant January 11, 2014
I LOVED the All Fresh Rain scent (it was subtly fresh) but not the new "improved" scent version. The new version is overpowering and unpleasant. My whole closet stinks of it and it doesn't go away with time only with relaundering in a different brand. Just a wiff of the liquid in the bottle does not seem so bad but something happens when clothes are washed in it that strengthens the perfume. They've lost me as a loyal customer.
b,   Libertyville, IL

Fresh rain new scent December 27, 2013
Hate the new scent. Fresh rain scent was my favorite detergent. I did not pay attention while shopping and when I went to do laundry and opened the lid knew instantly something was wrong. I will not be purchasing this again.
C.Bialy,   In

Over powering Smell December 26, 2013
The new formulation of perfume is nasty. It is way over powering and smells like cheap perfume. I liked the original as it was a subtle smell and for those of us who have a normal sense of smell it was perfect. Why did you change it ? You had a wonderful product before!!
G Baron,   Redwood City

New Fresh Rain Scent November 16, 2013
New smell/scent is not a great one. This new scent had a close close remanence of a borderline mildew smell. The previous HE detergent had a more general clean scent. Trust me when I tell you if you have a frontloader, use half the recommended detergent for each wash, and if you you use the full amount (wouldn't do it) for real dirty clothes, MAKE SURE you set your machine for a SECOND rinse cycle.
J, Kroger,   Portland, OR

HATE THE NEW SCENT October 31, 2013
Please change it back--I hate the new chemical smell. I will find another detergent until the new scent comes back.
S, Johnson,   Ithaca, ny

LOVE LOVE NEW SCENT October 30, 2013
I was a TIDE user I try All fesh rain and love it change to this and Im so happy it takes the smell of the gym and sweat from my 16 year old Football clothes . and my husbands work clothes he is a trashman his work clothes smell AWESOME after useing Fresh Rain All. So Happy !!!
D.Gibbs -Baynard,   Delaware

SCENT IS HORRIBLE October 27, 2013
This new scent is HORRIBLE. Very chemical like smell. WHY? Why have you messed up the only detergent that I LOVED the scent and it didn't break me out? Why change something that is successful? Please change it back!
B McMillin,   Baton Rouge LA

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! October 16, 2013
New scent it BAD! Please go back to the old scent ASAP.
B Devier,   Bowling Green, OH

If it's not broke; don't fix it. October 05, 2013
Please resume producing / distributing the traditional "All..Fresh Rain",as you had it right the first time. Thanks.
B, Stanton,   Tonawanda, NY

New Scent is HORRIBLE!!!! September 10, 2013
Please change the scent back! The new scent is horrible! I have to find a new laundry detergent now. I've been using All for years.
J Dicker,   MD

Horrible scent. Can no longer use September 01, 2013
All fresh rain used to be the only detergent I could use. I bought the improved scent had to rewash clothing and gave two large containers away. Scent too strong and my face burned. Very very disappointed. Have used for years. Please make product without stain lifters and new fragrance. No longer a customer
J McAlear,   Fernandina beach fl

Not a good scent! August 19, 2013
I agree with everyone else. The new scent is hideous. It smells like comet. Fine for tubs and sinks, not good for clothes and sheets. Plus, the lovely cap has changed from translucent to opaque, and it now looks as bad as it smells. Don't you wonder who thought these changes were a good idea? Anyway, looks like I get to find a new detergent.
A. Thomas,   Spokane, WA

Awful July 30, 2013
Can't wash my clothes in this putrid scent, ugh! What did you do to my Fresh Rain?? So unhappy, please change it back to what it was.
AC,   NY

AWESOME July 15, 2013
ive neevr had a problem with all i absolutely love it low cost mighty power!
J Guiboa ,   Riverside, CA

not happy July 15, 2013
please please please bring back the old Fresh Rain so that I can buy All again! It was my favorite laundry detergent, I would only buy that but now I have to buy stuff I dont want. Please bring it back so I can be happy on laudry days again!
k atkinson,   wakefield NH

NOT Improved Scent! July 08, 2013
My favorite detergent WAS Fresh Rain All. The fragrance was clean and fresh. I just used the new "Improved" scent and got literally sick to my stomach! I am rewashing everything with a old bottle of Fresh Rain. Please go back to the unimproved scent!!!
s thiems,   Gainesville, FL

SO SO Disappointing June 10, 2013
The fresh rain scent WAS my absolute favorite detergent until now. It was so fresh & clean smelling without having that overpowering detergent smell. Now it smells overwhelmingly like powder. NOT good! What am I supposed to do with the rest of the bottle?! Why did you have to change something when it was already a great product? Please change it back!
A. Schubert,   Grass Valley, CA

New Fresh Rain scent June 09, 2013
This scent was my favorite until you changed it to the "improved" scent. My clothes aren't any cleaner than before but now they smell like baby powder. I now have 110 more loads worth of detergent. What do I do with that?
C. Haines,   Grass Valley, Ca

LOVE the Fresh Rain June 06, 2013
My laundry never smelled so clean and fresh until now. Thank you!! I no longer need a fabric softener.
T. Allen,   NY, NY

Hate the new scent May 27, 2013
I totally agree with Christopher. Fresh Rain was the best, but the new formula with in-wash pre-treaters for "improved scent" is horrible. It did not improve on anything. I'll be switching to another brand until All reverts back to the old formula. SMH...
K. Reese,   Pasadena, CA

What have you done?! May 02, 2013
Fresh rain used to be so GOOD... lightly scented, just enough to make my clothes smell clean... now I smell like an old lady with cheap taste in perfume. Its strong enough that it is transfering to my skin. Fail, All, fail...
Christopher TruLove,   Brattleboro, VT
Full of concentrated cleaning power, all® baby is dye-free and specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin. Our soft baby scent leaves clothes smelling fresh. Gentle for baby. Tough on Stains. Safe for all washing machines.
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avg. rating - 5 stars (36 reviews)

My Kids July 19, 2014
My daughters both have eczema my youngest has it the worst. When washing I make sure I have detergent free and clear. Not all detergent is the same. I must say All Free and clear is the best. The others might say they are but the others are not. They do not do the same. All Free and Clear is the best thanks for helping to do what you say not just to say you are FREE and Clear.
C Myricks,   Mobile, AL

Baby detergent July 08, 2014
son has esensitive skin
Edgar W.A. Martinez,   burley, idwho

Love the soap July 07, 2014
My granddaughter and Mom and Dad are staying with me waiting for their home to be done! I was at the store and seen the All for babies and tried it, was so pleased with it, told the rest of my family about it!! It is great!!
Pat James,   Portage In. 46368

6166346115 May 29, 2014
Love it
Tran dong,   Wyoming ,Michigan

No ingredient disclosure May 27, 2014
Your website does not appear to disclose the ingredients. I for one am allergic to a lot, and need to know what is in your product
S Barclay,   Frankfort, KY

Best Baby Detergent May 23, 2014
I used this with my baby. It smells better than the Dreft and you can find it way cheaper than Dreft. I will be using it again with baby #2.
C, Houston,   Knoxville, TN

Ohhh wow I was visiting family in NY & just happened to go into the detergent aisle looking for a small bottle of D***t. And to my amazement I found this. I of course opened it in the store to smell it & hands down I fell in love... It smells awesome & works wonders on my twins clothes. It even got out the orange stains from their 1st orange encounter. I love the price, the smell & that IT WORKS!! I was so pleased with the results I left one bottle at my relatives & bought a next one to go. Espe
Twinies2013,   Washington, DC

Love the smell! April 19, 2014
We absolutely LOVE the smell of this detergent. Mommy of 2 boys and it gets their dirtiest clothes clean! Please don't ever change how this amazing stuff smells.
Ashley H. ,   wisconsin

LOVE this product so much April 16, 2014
You make a fabulous product! I refuse to use anything else for my precious baby girl. Thank you so much.
A Beegle,   Alpena, MI

Love it! March 21, 2014
I had used other baby detergents until I decided to try all baby. I love this detergent! It smells great, gets my baby's clothes very clean and is much more affordable than others. I give this as a shower gift as well as use it for my daughter.
E Vaught,   Science Hill, Ky

Perfect. March 08, 2014
I absolutely love this detergent. The price is very affordable compared to other baby detergents and it literally lasted me over three months! I recommend it to all my mommy friends. Its wonderful!
ETurpin,   Richmond, KY

MISS IT March 08, 2014
Since my daughter was born I've tried EVERY baby/soft/sensitive/ hypo/dye-free laundry detergent and this is the ONLY one that does not irritate my daughter's skin, cleans all kinds of dirt and stains and smells soooo good! The only detergent that doesn't burn or fade delicates and leaves then crisp clean. Unfortunately it is not sold in my local stores, grocery or wholesale and I cannot even get it online anymore. I am frustrated. Starting to wonder why???? Please send HELP! ...desperate mommy
C, Miller,   Margate,FL

MISS IT March 08, 2014
Since my daughter was born I've tried EVERY baby/soft/sensitive/ hypo/dye-free laundry detergent and this is the ONLY one that does not irritate my daughter's skin, cleans all kinds of dirt and stains and smells soooo good! The only detergent that doesn't burn or fade delicates and leaves then crisp clean. Unfortunately it is not sold in my local stores, grocery or wholesale and I cannot even get it online anymore. I am frustrated. Starting to wonder why???? Please send HELP! ...desperate mommy
C, Miller,   Margate,FL

baby all March 03, 2014
We really love the baby all it smells great and I recommend for other to try it
L Gladney,   Nacogdoches Tx

Love It!! February 14, 2014
Love this detergent for my baby. Love the smell. Why is it so hard to find in stores??
l ward,   HB CA

Amazing but barely in stock December 28, 2013
This is the only detergent my son's skin doesn't react to and the smell just makes you think your baby is always clean. The only thing is that this product goes out the minute they set it on the shelves. Only ONE Walmart carries it in the entire city of columbus and I dont plan to drive 200 miles just for a bottle of laundry detergent. Even the Target here doesn't carry it, which is surprise because back at California. Target is usually the only place you can find them. Overall, it's an amazing
R Dacasin,   Fort Benning, GA

Fantastic product November 12, 2013
Love this detergent! So gentle on skin, GREAT scent, and does very well in getting the stains out. I pick this over Dreft any day of the week.
L David,   Chicago, IL

Love It November 07, 2013
This is my favorite. I started using it when my granddaughter was born in 2007 - been a faithful user for all our clothes ever since. Can't find it in my area -- so get it when I am in South Carolina visiting my grandchildren!!
S Bales,   Watkinsville, GA

The Best! November 03, 2013
I love this so much I catch myself smelling my sons clothes while folding them! :) gets stains out from spitting up , too!
A shields,   Woodbury tn

LIFE SAVER October 05, 2013
Our little one couldn't use Dreft, which was what was recommended to us when our little one was born, so we tried All Baby. Can I just say best laundry soap: Smells good, doesn't irritate our daughters skin, and is reasonably priced. So thankful for this product.
A. Petagine,   Trinity, NC

Best baby detergent out there August 25, 2013
This detergent is the best smelling and has the best stain lifter. It keeps the color in the clothes and keeps them nice and soft. I have used Dreft and other brands of baby detergent, nothing has out-shined Baby All.I like the smell so much, I started using on my own clothes. The only downfall is that I can only find it in 2 stores in my area, which I find strange as I live in a big metropolitan area.
A.B.,   Portland, OR

Still using it on my 8 year old August 13, 2013
I am so pleased with the product, it really does a great job with removing stains that even 8 year old boys are getting on their clothes! My 1 year old is wearing hand me downs from his brother that look great thanks to your amazing product. Hate that i can only find it on ONE store around my area.
M Myers,   Cresson, PA

Amazing product! August 12, 2013
I personally believe that this product is better then dreft, and a lot more wallet friendly. The scent lasts much longer then right out of the dryer! Infact i love the smell so much i Use it for my clothes as well!
Cgarnette,   Omaha NE

I need my baby all detergent August 03, 2013
I really need this detergent and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Noemi Mulero,   Orlando, Florida

Will Use Forever July 26, 2013
I have a new baby who has a vomiting problem. All for babies is what my husband and I decided to use,even before birth. I am completely satisfied with this product. It lifts the milk stains right out of my baby's garments. Even when I thought nothing would.
J. Woods,   West Palm Beach, Fl

Love It July 11, 2013
My girls have very sensitive skin ( skin disorder) myself as well tried it out with myself over 10 years ago and been using it ever since. It really is a great product with a nice smell.
Jamilah, Griffin,   Miami, Fl

clean great without fading July 07, 2013
I was able to pass down most of my childs clothes when the next family member had a baby stain free and brightly colored.
s bell,   milwaukee wi

My favorite baby detergent July 04, 2013
I've been using this detergent ever since my daughter was born in August 2011. I love the fragrance and how well it cleans her outfits. I just pre-soak the many stains her clothing get and they come out beautifully clean. I use the free and clear for the rest of the family's clothing, but I prefer this fragrance for hers. Thank you for this special baby fragrance.
J. Willemsen,   Orlando, FL

the best and great price June 22, 2013
Love this scent!! I not big on fragrances, but this scent is soft and pleasant. It lasts a long time and cleans well.
a. g.,   fl

#1 Choice June 06, 2013
My cousin told me about Baby All when I was registering for my baby shower. This product is amazing. It cleans better than dreft and even has a better baby scent with a better price! You can't beat that. I like to give it in a basket with clothes at baby showers too! Everyone loves it.
J Raithel,   Ofallon, MO

good stuff May 27, 2013
love it
b. campbell,   palmdale,ca

Works Great May 23, 2013
I love it, it took the milk stains out with a nice fresh baby scent, i will continue to by this detergent and will tell my friends...
H, Miller,   North Hollywood, CA

very pleased May 19, 2013
Love the smell and great price...
A.Courville,   Des Allemands,Louisiana

Love love the product But I can not find it May 04, 2013
I love all baby washing detergent I have been using it for over 3 months it gets the stains out well, its a nice soft smell. Very affordable for a household with new arrivals. My only complaint and its a big one, where I live it is very hard to find the product. I have look in surrounding counties where I live and NO ONE has it or if they carry it, the product is sold out. So I just wish they would have more stores that sold it and kept a better stock of it. I have been out for a few days and I
A.graddy,   Sylvester,Ga

Love It! May 04, 2013
Absolutely love this detergent! Smells so good and works wonders on baby stains. Just wish it wasn't so hard to find.
H. Sorrow,   Perry,Ga

Awesome April 28, 2013
I recently bought baby All and i love it got it for a great deal with my coupons, for 3.00 and it smells nice too for my sons clothes.
E, Karas,   woodhaven, MI
NEW! From the #1 detergent brand recommended by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin comes new all® fresh & sensitive. With a light fresh hypoallergenic scent, it is gentle on skin but tough on stains. Safe for all washing machines.
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avg. rating - 3.5 stars (55 reviews)

Itching in Indiana July 22, 2014
I am very disappointed in this product. I have very sensitive skin and so does my son and I was looking for a detergent that we both could use. I broke out into a rash where my clothes make contact with my body constantly. I am a blotchy itchy mess. I will never buy this product again.
J. Elzey,   Bluffton, Indiana

I love ALL July 20, 2014
We have two children that skin is very sensitive and breaks out with everything I will tell you all is one of the freshest products I've ever smell and does not irritate or bother any of my children skin I love the stuff that is wonderful is the best off to use
Craig,   Brick NJ

All or nothing July 09, 2014
Its takes the stains out All the time
LGarcia,   Palmdale ca

I'm having trouble finding it July 08, 2014
I purchased this detergent for my son who has sensitive skin. I loved the fact that it was gentle on his skin but also left his clothes smelling wonderful. However I haven't been able to find the detergent since I purchased it the first time. I've looked high & low but still can't find it. I feel in love & now its no where to be found. Please bring it back to the New Orleans stores!!!!
M. Squall,   New Orleans La

Love, Love, Love for sensitive skin! July 04, 2014
I LOVED this product. My son has sensitive skin and was able to wash all his clothes, as well as towels and bedding and they came out clean and smelling wonderful. Most "sensitive" detergents don't have a scent and it's hard to find one I like that smells that he is able to use. Sadly, I have tried every store, walmarts, targets, food lions and other stores near where I live, and I am unable to find it. I will continue to look because this product is amazing.
K. Simmons,   Taylorsville, NC

Would love to Try but. .. July 02, 2014
I would love to try this, but it doesn't come in the pods. I have a special kid that likes to "help".
D. Gass,   Fresno, Ca

Great product June 20, 2014
I love this product. My husband and daughter have very sensitive skin. They are able to use this without any problems and it smells great! I can't seem to find it in stores anywhere now. I love it, please bring it back!
K, Greer ,   Grand Rapids, MI

Finally Great Scent & Allergy Safe! June 10, 2014
This is wonderful! My daughter is severely allergic to most perfumes & scented things resulting in breathing problems as well as edema, hives & rashes. She is also allergic to all nuts, tree seeds, & sesame. She has No issues with this product at all. It's fantastic to be able to use a lightly scented laundry soap for the entire family. Thank You!!
K Arzberger,   Oconomowoc, WI

Love it but can't find it anywhere! June 01, 2014
My son has severe eczema and I love that this detergent does not bother his sensitive skin and I finally get good smelling clothes again! Just wish I could find it in stores near me!
N Zaleski,   PA

Love May 29, 2014
Love this product 'I also use it for my baby
Tran dong,   Wyoming ,Michigan

Love it but can't find it anywhere May 11, 2014
Can't find it. Walmart does not have it. Can you order it on line.
R walters,   Mandeville la

deceptive marketing May 08, 2014
After using this product for a few washes, it was clear it was not entirely Hypoallergenic as stated on the bottle as I am now trying to subdue the outbreak of hives. Since there is no ingredient list on the bottle nor on this web site, what is in this product that is not safe to use on a daily basis? Never again will I buy a Sun Products item without an ingredient list on the item
j,rottinghaus,   packwood, wa

Love it! May 07, 2014
When I first saw this product I was super excited to try it out. We wanted something that could be used for both us and the baby and this was perfect. The scent is light and it cleans the clothes great! The only issue is that our local Wal-Mart stopped carrying it (hopefully it will come back) and I can't seem to find it anywhere else!
T, Mitchell,   Butler, PA

Love Product Need Help In Finding It. May 05, 2014
Needed to change my usual detergent due to change in product and chose to use this. Love the scent and the fact it's hypoallergenic. The problem is I can't find any more in my area. Please HELP. This is a wonderful product and I will continue to it if I can find it.
B Chrest,   Grand Saline , Tx

very dissapointed May 04, 2014
My regular "free and clear" All was out of stock so I tried this thinking it would similar. If you do not like heavily scented clothing do NOT buy this. I thought it would be no where close to this level of scent. Had to find another retailer who had the my usual type in stock and rewash the towels and sheets.
M Owen,   Columbus OH

16 April 29, 2014
patricia brown,   ocala fal 34471

Love it April 28, 2014
Had to find a detergent that would work for our new little one as well as our own clothes since she would be up against us. This has been perfect, smells great and gentle on her skin.
M,Donato,   Houston, TX

Great product April 14, 2014
Finally a hypoallergenic detergent with a nice scent that actually cleans well.
J, Hasboro,   Philadelphia

Ingredients April 06, 2014
The bottle do detergent directs you to this site for list of ingredients but I'm unable to locate them. Does this detergent have sodium lauryl sulfate in it?
K. Washington ,   Stockton, CA

Love it! March 25, 2014
It's so nice to enjoy fresh smelling linen like everyone else. And a lovely scent at that!
B Harris,   Danville, Ohio

Where are the ingredients? March 13, 2014
It states on the bottle to visit the site to get full list of ingredients. Im searching and can't find them on the site. Is there somewhere else I should be looking??
G Longenecker,   Morgantown, WV

Ingredients? February 18, 2014
I am trying to find a list of ingredients for all gentle. When I click on ingredients I get a server error message. I have no problem getting to all the other links.... This needs to be corrected...or is it on purpose?
P laird,   Sarasota Florida

Product info... February 04, 2014
I have not used this product before but i see people are having a hard time finding the ingredients. On the bottle it states to go to the then go to the About us tab and at the bottle of the pull down menu hit MSDS and ingredients tab. Then fill out the blank with the product info that you want the ingredient list on.
s freemyers,   chesapeake , va

bottle should have been another color January 26, 2014
We Love the all free and clear brand, but bought this scented product bye accident. I'm sensitive to certain scent that give me breathing problem. I had problems using this product. This product line should have a different color. To easy to confuse with the clear and free. Had to give it away.
Paul,   Bliss

5 words January 21, 2014
Don't ever discontinue (or change) this product. Ok that's 7 words.
dmom,   NY

love this produce January 20, 2014
This detergent is wonderful. Both my kids have sensitive skin and it works well and smells great. My only complaint is I cannot find it anywhere.
C Palermo,   Dunmore, PA

WHAT IS THIS STUFF MADE OF?! January 12, 2014
It states on the bottle to visit the site to get full list of ingredients. Im searching and can't find them on the site. Is there somewhere else I should be looking??
T.Lee,   Staten Island, NY

Like it a lot January 05, 2014
I really like this product. Most sensitive detergents don't have a fragrance, but this was a perfect balance. No itching for me anymore! Difficult to find, though.
DSheff,   Tampa, FL

Ingredients in Free & Clear detergent December 07, 2013
In checking the website, I do not see the ingredients in Free and Clear. As a breast cancer survivor I am vigilant with national products. The bottle directed me to visit the website but the ingredients are not to be found.
Johanne,   Cimon

Smells Great! October 31, 2013
Can't say we have sensitive skin so cannot comment to that, but this detergent smells great. It's a clean & fresh scent that I really enjoyed. Hope to find the larger size somewhere. I was only able to purchase the smallest size.
M,   TX

fresh&sensitive All October 22, 2013
Fresh&sen made me itch , blisters and shortness of breath.wasted money and had to spend more money to get rid of the problems it caused.I hate this stuff.
C Decker,   mesa

Great Detergent October 10, 2013
I really liked this detergent. Great on stain removal and kept the whites white. I liked the scent. I do have a hard time finding it though. Will continue to look!
A Rzekonski,   Cary,NC

Loved this and can't find it now October 07, 2013
My 3.5 year old had such sensitive skin and she is no issues when I use this. I personally love the smell and so do my kids. I can't wait to find this product again!
A Epstein ,   Sewell,nj

Great! September 28, 2013
I love this product and it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin!
C Monk,   Round Lake Heights, IL

Awful September 27, 2013
Had to give away. Picked it up by mistake. The smell is awful when someone has a breathing problem.
C. Hunt,   St Petersburg, FL

horriable September 24, 2013
hate all stain lifter can;t use any all any more it puts blissters on me
d lloyd,   new castle ok

Love it! Love it! Love it! September 15, 2013
I love this stuff. It's sensitive enough that it doesn't irritate my skin, yet gives me a nice clean scent! I just wish the stores around me carried the bigger bottles.
T, Melvin,   Raleigh, NC

Horrible scent!!! September 14, 2013
Bought this because my store had no Free& Clear. Won't make that mistake again. The scent is absolutely dreadful. I'm probably going to rewash everything because I really don't like the smell. Thankfully I only did one load. DON'T buy this stuff!
L,Long,   State College, PA

Finally! September 07, 2013
Love it! I can finally meet the needs of my kids who can't handle anything but fragrance free detergent and also get clothes that smell great! The scent is perfect, nice and light.
C. Nelson,   Marietta, GA

Scent is WAY too strong September 06, 2013
I had been using All Free & Clear, but decided to give this a try. The scent is overpowering and gave me a headache that has lasted for 2 days. I don't feel comfortable washing any more of my daughter's clothes with this detergent and wish I hadn't wasted the money.
A. Helm,   Pflugerville, TX

Love and lost... July 26, 2013
I found this while living in NH and was thrilled by the pleasing scent, great cleaning power and sensitive status. We have allergies in my family and this worked for everyone AND smelled great! I only wish I could find it in Columbus!
Hgilman,   Columbus, oh

Love this product! July 23, 2013
I was hesitant to switch detergents for my children's clothing and bedding, but I am SO happy with this product. No dyes but it has a mild scent. Exactly what I was looking for but at a much better price than similar detergents. Thank you.
A. Holmes,   Newmanstown, PA

no coupon-no buy July 22, 2013
no product used - no rating for public
g. jones,   fayetteville tn37334

no coupon-no buy July 22, 2013
no product used - no rating for public
g. jones,   fayetteville tn37334

We LOVE new fresh and sensitive July 08, 2013
With everyone in our family of 4 with sensitive skin this is a scent we can agree on. Not to strong but gentle on our skin!
S. Ballew,   Cibolo,Tx

love this scent June 30, 2013
It's taken me 30 years but I found it... a detergent that I like the small of that isn't so over powering it makes me want to gag AND it's also sensitive. I get compliments all the time for how sweet and subtle I smell and I thank this detergent for that.
ariel,   phoenix, AZ

ok June 22, 2013
don't really care fore the scent..kinda cheap
ag,   fl

At last! June 14, 2013
I have been using unscented detergent my whole life due to sensitive skin. I am so glad that someone finally decided to make hypoallergenic scents! Thanks so much!
A. Larimer,   Columbus, OH

Elated May 27, 2013
I am soooo happy that there is now a detergent not only for sensitive skin but also with a nice scent!
TC,   Tampa, Fl

Love it! May 26, 2013
I have always loved using the ALL Free and Clear. When other detergents and laundry products irritated my senses, it did not. The only thing I wished was that I could have the same product, but with a slight scent that didn't irritate me. ALL Fresh and Sensitive is it! I'm hooked!
L Jones,   TN

Very Bad product May 15, 2013
I bought this bottle on Saturday and wash with on Sunday, wore one of the clothes on Monday afternoon and that's when my rash started. I have use the old All free of dye and scent and never got no reaction but with this new bottle I have been suffering for three days now. I have a rash in my chest, ear, face, and harms plus I suffer from eczema so this detergent really made it worse!! I'm very disappointed and I'm thinking about suing you guys. I'm miserable and I have to hide my body and face
M,   New York, Ny

We love it.... finally a scent. May 12, 2013
My son has very sensitive skin and we always used the free clear version. I missed fresh smelling laundry and decided to give this product a try. The clothes came out clean with a light scent. My son's skin has not reacted to this product. I will be switching from FreeClear to this one since I love the smell. It's fresh and light.
AMcCall,   Chaska, MN

awesome May 10, 2013
I really like that smell of all fresh and sensitive detergent it makes my laundry so clean and it smells great !
B Garneata,   lincolnwood il

Scent not hypoallergenic May 05, 2013
The scent is overwhelming, even after rinsing several extra times. The scent gives me a terrible headache.
J Hutchinson,   Gilbert, AZ

My Eyes are Watering April 29, 2013
I accidentally bought All Fresh & Sensitive instead of the Free & Clear. I realized my mistake the moment I poured the liquid into the wash and my eyes started to water! Whatever "hypoallergenic" scent is in this, I assure you, I am sensitive to it.
J Stock,   Prior Lake, MN


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all® free clear is sensitive to patients with skin integrity issues.
  • Proven even in cold water to remove 99% of top household and seasonal allergens, without fragrance or dyes
  • A unique formulation, clinically proven to be gentle on skin
  • #1-recommended detergent brand for patients with atopic dermatitis or skin allergies
  • The only detergent awarded the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance
  • also ideal for clothing, bedding, blankets, towels, soft toys
  • Less chemicals without dyes and perfumes
Other detergents don’t measure up to all® free clear.
see benefits chart

In patch testing all® free clear was clinically proven mild.
see mildness study
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Allergen Removal
The importance of proven allergen removal
  • SImply washing clothes in hot water may not be enough to eliminate most allergens
  • For example, dust mites must be washed at 130-140o Fahrenheit to be eliminated
Clinically proven to be mild on skin
  • Free of fragrances and clear of dyes
  • Mildness demonstrated in a series of 7 highly targeted, 14-day patch test studies
  • Mild when applied to skin
#1 recommended
  • #1-recommended detergent brand for patients with sensitive skin
Dermatologists Allergists Pediatricians
  • Proud to earn NEA Seal of Acceptance
Clinical Commitment
Developed to address a clinical need
  • Developed by mom-scientist in the Unilever labs for her child with eczema
  • Specifically formulated to help minimize the potential for skin irritation
  • Trusted for more than 20 years
Supporting physicians with a medical program for more than
10 years
  • all® free clear recognizes the burden of skin integrity issues across a broad range of patients
  • all® free clear is dedicated to working with physicians to support the evidence-based use of its products
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