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Sensitive Skin

Laundry Lab

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Ask the Experts

  • Meet our Chief Dermatology Advisor

    Dr. Zubritsky helps us understand how laundry care can be an important part of sensitive skin care. Learn more. 

  • Dr. Z Tips for Parents

    Help your kids feel comfortable in their skin. 

  • Why Laundry is Important to Skin

    Discover why caring for your clothes is caring for your skin. 

  • How to Support Aging Skin

    Aging skin needs more than different skincare. 

  • Pregnancy and Sensitive Skin

    Everything’s changing – including your skin. Here’s what to expect. 

  • How Seasons Can Affect Sensitive Skin

    When you have sensitive skin, every season brings new challenges. 

The Science of Sensitive Skin

  • 10 Common Sensitive-Skin Triggers

    Find out what may be causing your sensitive skin to feel extra sensitive. 

  • All About Sensitive Skin

    Explore practical solutions to help you feel more comfortable. 

  • Managing Eczema

    Dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky offers her tips to minimize flare ups. 

  • How Does Skin Tone Affect Sensitive Skin

    Learn how people with different skin tones can experience different skin issues. 

  • Tips for Managing Sensitive Skin

    You’re covered in skin! Here are simple ways to treat it right. 

Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin

  • How to Reduce Allergens In Clothes

    Find out how to keep allergens away from your sensitive skin. 

  • Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin

    When you have sensitive skin, laundry becomes extra important.  

  • Selecting a Sensitive Skin Detergent

    Learn what to look for and make the right choice for your skin.