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all® free clear is actively driving the transformation to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development.

Safer Choice Certified

all® free clear Original Liquid is Safer Choice Certified by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Every ingredient meets strict criteria showing it’s safer for your family and the environment.


Environmentally Conscious Laundry Packaging

Today, the majority of our bottles and tubs are made of 50% recycled material. By the end of 2025, all our laundry bottles and tubs will meet this standard. Our dryer sheet carton is made with sustainably sourced paper.


Wind Energy

all® free clear formula is made with the equivalent of 100% renewable wind generated electricity*.
*Based on Virtual Power Purchase Agreement.
Only applies to products made in Henkel-owned facilities.


Henkel Commitment

Henkel, our parent company, is committed to 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by the end of 2025. We strive to be climate positive by 2030. Learn more about Henkel’s sustainability strategy.


How You Can Help

  • Wash at low temperatures to reduce energy consumption (all® free clear is effective in cold water).
  • Fully load your washing machine to conserve water and reduce your energy bill.
  • Use the proper amount of detergent based on your washing machine size.
  • Recycle empty all® free clear bottles and tubs. Empty and replace cap on all® free clear bottle so that it can be recycled properly.