Laundry Tips

all® has the answers to your clothes, washing, and laundry care questions. From stain and odor fighting, to caring for your sensitive skin, we’ve got you covered!

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  • Common Kid Stains: How to Treat Your Kids’ Messiest Stains

    Are you wondering how to treat your kid's messiest stains? From mud stains to grass stains, all® has the information you need to treat the messiest of stains. 

  • How to Wash Baby Clothes

    Our guide to washing baby clothes will help you understand how to wash baby clothes, which detergent is best for baby clothes and more. 

  • How to Clean Stuffed Animals

    From dog toys to your kids’ stuffed animals, we’ve rounded up our top tips for cleaning plush toys in the washing machine. 

  • How to Remove Pet Hair from Laundry

    We’ll walk you through how to remove pet hair from clothes, from using a washing machine to remove pet hair to other, low-tech pet hair removal hacks. 

  • How to Get Grass Stains Out of Clothes

    Grass stains can feel like the mascot of warmer weather, but the good news is that many grass stains can come out in the wash. 

  • How to Wash a Dog Bed

    If your furbaby has a dedicated pet bed, it’s a good idea to give it a regular clean. Learn how to clean a dog bed for your family pet in our laundry guide. 

  • School Supply Stain Removal: Ink, Glue, and Washable Paint

    Sending your kids off to school also means welcoming home new clothing stains upon their return. We share with you tips for trying to remove school supply stains, like ballpoint pen ink, school glue, and washable paints. 

  • What Is Enzyme Laundry Detergent?

    Are you wondering what enzyme laundry detergent is? The experts at all® have the answers to your enzyme laundry detergent questions. 

  • How to Read Laundry Care Symbols

    Establish the perfect laundry day routine by learning how to read laundry care symbols. We will guide you through the wide variety of laundry symbols. 

  • How to Choose the Right Washer & Dryer Setup For Your Space

    Every home is different, so we put together a guide to help you select the perfect washer and dryer for your laundry room setup. 

  • How to Wash Delicates

    Knowing how to wash delicate clothing without damaging it can save you a lot of money and heartache. 

  • How to Use Powder Detergent

    If you are using powder detergent to clean your laundry for the first time, you might be confused by where and how much detergent to use. 

  • How to Use Single-Dose Laundry Detergent

    Using single-dose laundry detergents pacs can be easy and convenient. Learn what steps to take for the best results and how you can integrate detergent pacs into your laundry routine. 

  • How to Reduce Allergens in Clothes: 6 Tips for Allergen Removal

    Are you wondering how to reduce allergens in your clothes? Read on for all® laundry’s allergen removal tips.