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Washing Clothes in Cold Water

Washing Clothes in Cold Water


If you’re looking to make some sustainable updates to your cleaning routine that can also help you save money on your energy bill, you may want to consider switching how you do your laundry. Whether you choose hot or cold water will ultimately come down to the care label instructions, fabric-type, stain type, and soil level.

Choosing a cold-water wash cycle helps to reduce energy consumption. You can also reduce energy consumption by electing for a low-water setting.


  1. Water temperature doesn’t necessarily correlate with a machine or detergent’s ability to effectively clean. In fact, some stains – like grass stains – may actually lift more easily in cold water.

Bonus Tip: all® laundry detergent products are designed to work effectively in all water temperatures, including cold water.

2. Washing clothes on cold vs. warm can help minimize fabric shrinkage and color fade. Using cold water to wash your clothes can also help minimize wrinkles.

3. Cold water is a good option for hand-washing or machine washing delicate fabrics and colorful or dark garments

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